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"All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential... If they are denied the opportunity and support they need to achieve these outcomes, children are at an increased risk ... not only an impoverished childhood but also of disadvantage and social exclusion in adulthood. Abuse and neglect pose particular problems."


From: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010


We are totally committed to our pupils' safety and welfare. All our staff are trained in Safeguarding issues and our policies are shown below. If you have any queries regarding safeguarding please talk to one of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Officers below:


  • Mrs Claire Fegan

    Designated Lead for Child Protection


  • Ms Cheryl Smith

    Deputy Child Protection Person


  • Mrs Sarah Prince

    Deputy Child Protection Person


  • Mrs Tracey Tipton

    Deputy Child Protection Person


Our school joined the First Federation Trust on 1st June 2017 and we are now adopting the Safeguarding policies and procedures of the First Federation Trust. Safeguarding related policies can be found on the First Federation Trust website at:



These include:


  • Anti Bullying Policy
  • Anti Racism Policy
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Intimate Care Procedures
  • PREVENT Policy
  • Pupil Behaviour Policy
  • Pupils' E-safety Policy
  • Outdoor Education and Educational Visits Policy
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy
  • Staff and Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy


(Sidmouth-specific policies are here).


Useful websites: