SidmouthChurch of England (VA) Primary School

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Poems and Acrostics

Water Aid saves lives

Aspirations are fixed because of water.

Timing is important

Evaporation is key

Reducing waste of water is crucial


By Will H.

End the wasting of energy

Now, or as soon as you can

'Elp us rescue the planet

Re-beautify the Earth

Get rid of single use plastic 

You can help us!


What have we done to our planet?

It seems the plastics - they span it

There are some people who are sorrier

Their names - the Eco Warriors!


By James B


Energy can help us out in the best of ways. But

Not for all the animals affected

Even Today


Going on around us is much much worse than a lack of energy which obviously we {}

You and I can work this out even on your own; if we do not sort this out, lots will be {}


By Ebony K (A work in progress...)