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Poems and Acrostics

Energy is important so don't waste it.

Losing power,

Every second.

Caring for our planet makes every difference,

To save animal's lives.

Reducing the time your lights are on 

It is crucial.

Come and save the world!

If you want to keep living on this world,

Time to change

You can make a difference!

Water Aid saves lives

Aspirations are fixed because of water.

Timing is important

Evaporation is key

Reducing waste of water is crucial


By Will H.

Love our world if you want to keep it

If you want to live your life,

Time to change.

Time is running out 

Even if you care. 

Running away doesn't change anything

By Elsa M, Lorna P and Keira P

Energy can help us out in the best of ways. But

Not for all the animals affected

Even Today

Reduce the time in the shower

Going on around us is much ,much worse than a lack of energy which obviously we can change 

You and I can work this out even on your own; if we do not sort this out, lots will be destroyed.


By Elsa M , Keira P and Lorna P

                                                       I asked the sea

‘Why do you have waves?’ I asked the sea.

’because I am laughing.’

’why do you have fish?’ I asked the sea.

’they are my emotions.’ well, Not any more.

’Why not ?’

’They died out.’


’because of plastic.’

’can I help?’

‘Only if you stop using plastic.’

by Noah Dare