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Minibus Shuttle Information

Minibus Shuttle Timetable


Leaves:- Arrive:-
8.35 a.m. VR (top of the drive) 8.40 a.m. WR (bottom of drive)
8.45 a.m. WR (bottom of drive) 8.50 a.m. VR (taken into school)
3.10 p.m. VR (car park) 3.15 p.m. WR (car park)
3.20 p.m. VR (top of drive) 3.25 p.m. WR (car park)
3.30 p.m. WR (car park) 3.40 p.m. VR (car park)
Tuesday only 
8.15 a.m.Vicarage Road (VR) (car park)
8.20 a.m. Woolbrook Road (WR)
(Breakfast Club)


Please book your child on the minibus in advance with Mrs Retter at the VR office.Please note the above times are approximate.


Occasionally we have no choice but to cancel these shuttles but we will give as much notice of this as possible.


Each shuttle costs 50p (child). Please pay for journeys on Parentpay.
From September 2018 we will require booking for the entire half term, and payment whether or not your child uses their reserved space.