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Religious Education

RE syllabus

Our RE curriculum is based upon the Devon Agreed Syllabus which was released in 2019. This syllabus explains the value and purposes of RE for all pupils and specifies for teachers what shall be taught in each age group. It provides a coherent framework for setting high standards of learning in RE and enabling pupils to reach their potential in the subject. 
It aims to provide coherent understanding of a number of different religions by studying one religion at a time (systematic study) before bringing together and comparing different traditions (thematic study).  It aims to give children an understanding of the core concepts of religions and beliefs.

See our curriculum map for RE below.

Year 2 learn the Christmas Story

Year 2 have started looking at the Christmas story in RE. We retold the story using lots of edible items as reminders for the different parts! The children enjoyed telling each other the story as well as eating the story prompts! See if they can tell you the story!

Hot Cross Bun Making in Year 5/6

The children in 5/6 learnt about the meaning of hot cross buns, which we eat during the Easter period. We learnt about the different elements of them: the dough, fruit and the cross and the significance of each element to the Easter story. We then tasted shop-bought hot cross buns, designed our own and then made and baked them. We even made gluten-free and vegan versions for everyone to enjoy!