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How to use our bins at Woolbrook Road

The most important bin of all is the FOOD WASTE bin. This must be only food that is no longer wanted - no wrappings, plastic, tin foil, cake cases etc. This breaks down into compost and is used for growing food - it is full of nutrients that we do not want to put into landfill or burn as waste!

Peppa Pig explains it beautifully here:

During the Winter, at Woolbrook Road, all food is eaten INSIDE. We just have one other bin, the GENERAL WASTE bin. This is for everything EXCEPT food waste (see above). Home packed lunch rubbish should be TAKEN HOME. For school packed lunches, these are now not in a bag - please take all unwanted food out of wrappers and throw the food in the FOOD WASTE bin, and all packaging into the GENERAL WASTE bin.


Please do not waste food. If you don't want it, offer it to someone else. If you don't want your drink, and no-one else does, give it back to the kitchen - please don't put untouched packaged food into the bin.


We will deal with the outside bins when we are about to move to eating packed lunches outside again, in the Spring.