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Late/Absence Procedures

Reporting an absence


Please call our 24 Hour Absence Line as soon as you know your child will be absent through illness on 01395 572940, at the latest by 9.15. (Please note: it is not enough to ask a sibling to pass a message on, we must hear from a parent).  If we have not heard by 9.15 the administrators will then ring to find out where the child is. If we do not get a response the administrators will continue to try but flag that we have a 'missing child'. We have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of all the children who are meant to be at school.

Holiday Authorisation 

We must remind parents that Mr Spraggon is unable to authorise family holidays unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’. As a school we are required to notify Devon County Council if a child has 10 unauthorised sessions (so 5 full days) and it is now their policy to issue Penalty Fines – this means that a week’s school missed could incur a fine. We have had many cases where parents have asked for holiday permission because they have booked and made an error with term dates. We are not able to grant these requests, so please do check term dates on carefully before booking.

Late arrivals


Please click here for more information on our late procedures.