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Eco tips from the newsletter

Eco tips for home...




  • Can you cut down on your heating at home? If you are there on your own during the day, do you need the house warm or can you just pop on a jumper? If we all cut down on our usage we would save money, save fossil fuels and maybe do a little more exercise to keep warm!


  • If you are giving your child sweets, why not buy a bigger bag and give them a few, rather than party bags? Haribo for example are the worst sort of plastic—not recyclable, and very light, so if they do end up on the ground outside they are bound to end up in the river or sea, where they break down very fast into microplastics. Thanks!yes


  • Clean tin foil can be very easily and efficiently recycled, and the best way to do that is to scrunch a load together until it is at least fist sized, and then pop that in your green bag.


  • Did you know Ganesha refill shampoo (Faith in Nature brand) as well as washing up liquid, fabric washing liquid and conditioner? Plus herbs and spices! This saves us having to buy new plastic or glass bottles each time.  Reduce, reuse, refill! smiley