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Class 5/6T

Welcome to 5/6T's Class Page!


Here you can find out information about what 5/6T have been up to. If you have any ideas or want to add something to this page come and speak to me!


Miss Trevena.


Year 5 English

Year 5 English 1
Year 5 English 2
This week, year 5 have been writing scripts. We learned all about the HMS Beagle and some of the members of crew on board for the voyage with Charles Darwin. We then wrote scripts for an interview with George Phillips, who was one of the chefs, and used the iPads to film the interviews. These will form part of our ICT projects about Charles Darwin.

Year 6 Residential - Dartmoor

Developing our sketching skills

We have been completing an art unit after reading the book 'Moth' by Isabel Thomas. We learned about different line strokes and how to effectively use a sketching pencil. We then drafted our moths and used self-assessment and feedback from adults to improve our sketches before embarking on a final sketch of a moth. We had to work hard to develop both our sketching skills and resilience towards drawing and art. We were incredibly proud of our final pieces and the improvements we have made throughout the unit! Lots of us have been bringing in art work from home as a result. It has been fantastic to see the passion the children now have towards drawing and the way they have been expressing themselves through art!

We thoroughly enjoyed Sports Day in 5/6T - here are some pictures of us giving it our all to support our teams!

Thank you to all of the parents for your support and cheering us on!

Shape and space

We have been taking our learning out of the classroom and exploring 3D shapes. We recapped our knowledge and went on a treasure hunt around the unit to complete questions relating to the properties of shapes. 

Going Global Day

Going Global Day 1
Going Global Day 2
Going Global Day 3
Going Global Day 4
Going Global Day 5
Going Global Day 6
Going Global Day 7
Going Global Day 8

Today we got our new topic, Going Global, off to a flying start with a day of exploration and learning about five diverse countries. The children started in Australia, then went to Ireland, then Mexico, then Brazil before ending in Japan.

We were lucky enough today to be visited by representatives from the local churches to teach us about Christingle and help us to create our own oranges.

Fire Safety workshop

Fire Safety workshop 1
Fire Safety workshop 2
We were lucky enough to have some visitors from Devon and Somerset fire service today. We learnt all about the importance of having smoke detectors (and testing them regularly!), having a fire plan at home, contacting the fire service, hoax 999 calls and the all-important Stop, Drop and Roll technique. Here are some pictures of a couple of us practising the technique!

Our WW2 presentations

This term, we have been learning all about WW2. On Tuesday, we worked in groups to create PowerPoint presentations to show off everything we had learnt. We then presented our work to the class. Miss Trevena was extremely impressed with both the quality of our presentations and the confidence we all showed when speaking in front of the class. Fantastic work 5/6T!

Christmas in 5/6T

Christmas in 5/6T 1
Christmas has arrived in 5/6T! On Friday, we all worked together to finish decorating our classroom and put up our Christmas tree 😄

Super Scientists

Super Scientists 1
Super Scientists 2
Super Scientists 3
Super Scientists 4

In English this week, we have been writing a scientific report explaining the life cycle of plants. We started by using drama to explore the lif cycle and then went onto plan, draft, edit and publish our reports.

Here are some pictures of our drama as well as a few of us editing our work. Check back to see some of the finished products!

Our Anderson Shelters

Reading discussion.


This week we have been thinking carefully about oracy in our classroom and having useful discussions about important topics.

We started by coming up with some guidelines to support our discussions and used them to talk about a statement based on our work around the Greenpeace/ Iceland Christmas advert. Here are some of the summaries from our discussions.


Our group said that we agree [with the statement] because by cutting down the trees they are cutting down someone’s home, this will probably lead to the orang-utans dying. There is high demand for palm oil so it needs to be produced. But on the other hand, you could just farm it responsibly using empty fields.
We agreed [with the statement]. The famers know they are harming the orang-utans but they keep doing it.
We agree [with the statement], they are cutting down their homes. We also said that high demand might lead to irresponsible sourcing of palm oil. This needs to change.
If we all tried to buy products that don’t contain palm oil it would probably cost us a lot more money as these would have to be more expensive - palm oil is used because it is cheap!
Boycotting products containing palm oil wouldn’t necessarily stop all orang-utans from being killed. Poachers kill lots of wild animals for fur another medicinal products.

Building our Anderson Shelter models

Building our Anderson Shelter models 1
Building our Anderson Shelter models 2
Building our Anderson Shelter models 3
Building our Anderson Shelter models 4
Building our Anderson Shelter models 5
Building our Anderson Shelter models 6
5/6T have been putting their knowledge of strengthening materials and joining materials to the test to create the Anderson Shelter models that they had designed. Each group were given lolly sticks, paper and PVA glue to begin creating the basic structure of their shelters. Check back later in the week to see the finished products!

Counter balances in PE

In PE, we have been focusing on balances. Today we were looking at counter balances with a partner.

Save the orangutans.

Save the orangutans. 1

In our reading sessions, we have been studying the Greenpeace advert about reducing palm oil. Here are some of 5/6T with Rang-Tan, who came to visit us for the day!

Check back later this week to hear about the debates we have been having in class!

Designing Anderson Shelters

As part of our topic, 5/6T have been looking at Anderson Shelters. They have researched them and experimented with strengthening materials to create models of their own. Today, the children worked in groups of 3 to design their own shelters, using some of the basic materials to help them to picture what their models will look like. Check back soon to see the finished products!

Times Table Rockstars!

Times Table Rockstars! 1
Times Table Rockstars! 2
Times Table Rockstars! 3
Times Table Rockstars! 4

We were introduced to Times Table Rockstars today and all children have been given a login if they wish to access this from home.

Head to to log on - make sure you select the correct school (Sidmouth CEVA Primary School) when logging in.

Keep rocking!

Anti-Bullying Week 2018.


This week is anti-bullying week. Today (Thursday 15th November) 5/6T took part in anti-cyberbullying day by exploring what cyberbullying was, what we should do if we think we are being bullied online or somebody we know if being bullied online and how to protect ourselves when using the internet or mobile phones.


We considered lots of scenarios, based on real life, and used the definition of bullying to decide whether a child was a victim of cyberbullying and what extra information would be useful to help decide. We also discussed how our behaviour towards other people can differ when we are not face-to-face with them and how to make sure we don't put ourselves in unnecessary/ unintentional danger or upset other people.


We agreed that the internet is a fantastic resource to have and use as long as it is used safely (we know Miss Trevena is all about safety!). Make sure you have a conversation with your adult at home about keeping safe online and speak up if you see or hear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or upsets you.

Journey stories in English

We have started looking at the book Little Ships in English. We started by looking at images from the book and used them to try to predict what the story might be about. In groups, we put each of the images into an order and retold a narrative.

Strengthening materials and creating strong joins.

Blitz and Pieces

This term, our topic has been focused on World War Two. As part of our learning, we have spent time looking at a variety of Primary and Secondary Sources and considering what information we can gather from them. We looked at newspaper articles, photographs, leaflets, notes written during the time and a variety of text books to support our learning and understand the value of using a range of sources as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

5/6T enjoy Science Week!

WW2 Medals

WW2 Medals 1 Isabelle sharing her grandfather's WW2 medals.

Virtual Reality Workshop - September 2018

Virtual Reality Workshop - September 2018 1
Virtual Reality Workshop - September 2018 2
Virtual Reality Workshop - September 2018 3
We thoroughly enjoyed our Virtual Reality Workshop! We were able to 'visit' the New Seven Wonders of the World in detail. It was fantastic!