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Class 5/6T

Welcome to 5/6T's Class Page!


Here you can find out information about what 5/6T have been up to. If you have any ideas or want to add something to this page come and speak to me!


Miss Trevena.


Learning The Haka in PE

Taking inspiration from the Rugby World Cup (focusing on the semi-finals, rather than the finals!), we are learning to perform a traditional Haka this half term as part of our PE curriculum. We learned about the history of The Haka from some of the New Zealand All Blacks and the purpose of the dance. Then, after practising some of the basic movements, we had a go at imitating the dance performed by The All Blacks a couple of weeks ago. We are looking forward to building upon this in PE lessons and putting together our own 5/6T Haka!

This week has been Healthy Minds week within school. We have focused on what mental health is and how we can make sure we keep ours healthy. We even took part in some mindfulness and yoga activities!

Playing hockey

Playing hockey 1
Playing hockey 2
Playing hockey 3
This half term, we have been playing hockey. We have learnt how to use a hockey stick, pass the ball between our team mates, tackle and defend. Here are some pictures captured by the children.

Our Science Week Artwork

Our Science Week Artwork 1
Our class had a great time creating our hexagons with Mrs Crockett as part of the Sidmouth Science Week celebrations. If you didn't get a chance to go to Kennaway House, here is our artwork in it's full glory. Many thanks to Mrs Evans for taking this picture for us!

We all completed our own artwork based on the Japanese artist, Hokusai. We did this by first sketching our designs; experimented with different mediums; and then added colour. We had to make sure we followed Hokusai's artistic style and conventions.

Can you spot your artwork?

5/6T had a fantastic afternoon taking part in the Sea Safe workshop on Sidmouth seafront. Even if we did get caught in a colossal down pour on the way there! laugh

We learnt all about keeping safe on the beach, the impact of taking part in a 5 minute beach clean (we found all sorts of rubbish ourselves!), the different sports we can take part in at the beach and got to visit and learn about Sidmouth Lifeguard Centre.

Many thanks to Guy from Jurassic Paddle and the Sidmouth Rotary Club for funding and supporting this fantastic opportunity for the children!

Getting to grips with Bug Club

Getting to grips with Bug Club 1
Getting to grips with Bug Club 2
Getting to grips with Bug Club 3
Getting to grips with Bug Club 4

This afternoon, we all tried out Bug Club as a way to support our reading. We all really enjoyed it and can’t wait to show our adults at home.

Our artwork based on Hokusai

Balancing in PE

Balancing in PE 1
Balancing in PE 2
Balancing in PE 3