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Class 2PN

Welcome to Class 2PN.


Mrs Nelson will be teaching 2 days at the beginning of the week and Miss Prince will be teaching 3 days. (Wed, Thurs and Fri)

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle with them every day and if possible P.E. kits should be at school all week as lesson times vary.

Please make sure that all items are named and avoid sending toys into school.




Star of the Week

Congratulations Jonathan! You always listen carefully and have excellent learning behaviour.

Exploring the Christmas story through food.

Exploring the Christmas story through food. 1
Exploring the Christmas story through food. 2
Exploring the Christmas story through food. 3
Exploring the Christmas story through food. 4
2PN have started looking at the Christmas story in RE.  We retold the story using lots of edible items as reminders for the different parts!  The children enjoyed telling each other the story as well as eating the story prompts!  See if they can tell you the story!

Healthy Minds Week

Healthy Minds Week 1
Healthy Minds Week 2
Healthy Minds Week 3
Healthy Minds Week 4
Healthy Minds Week 5
Healthy Minds Week 6
Healthy Minds Week 7
Healthy Minds Week 8
2PN have been enjoying Healthy Minds week and learning about things they can do to help when they worry.   Through English we read a story about a little boy who had so many worries but when he talked about them they became bubbles which popped.  We went outside and blew our worries into bubbles and popped them.  We even helped our friends pop theirs!
During the afternoon we took part in yoga and the children engaged well with using their bodies to tell a story.
We have learnt, through this week, where we can go if we have worries and problems but more importantly we have learnt not to keep them to ourselves.